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   New Beginnings


This page relates to an article published in the West Valley Views issue dated March 14, 2006, about the art education classes Jaxine and other fine artist members of Arizona Art Alliance provided to juvenile inmates of the Southwesr Regional Juvenile Corrections Center in Buckeye AZ.  The article discussed the program, and provided examples painted by young inmates.

Twenty One (21) pieces were exhibited at a special showing at Arizona Art Alliance's Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona.  ALL 21 PIECES WERE SOLD!  All proceeds were presented to the boys in special ceremonies upon their releases from the "Eagle Point" Detention Center!


          The following is a from a Feature article in the West Valley View on Tuesday, March 14, 2006




Click here, to see the "Awesome Art" the boys, ages 12-18, produced during the five (5) years Jaxine and several other dedicated artists of Arizona Art Alliance were involved. 


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