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  "To be an artist is exciting and painful at the same   time.  Exploring the inner self and stretching as an artist can be painful.  But when you 'get it together', and put it on paper, board, canvas, or whatever, and  someone understands it and likes it; thatís excitement!"

I love exploring life through the eyes of an artist.  I am an eclectic artist.  I use almost all of the media, and let my imagination run wild.    I also like getting new artists excited enough to explore."

Jaxine employs pastels, acrylics and mixed media.  Check her pages of example pieces of her ethnic art; African, Asian; and Tropical art.  Email her at jaxine@jaxine.com for more information on any of the pieces.   


She was an active Board Member when the Arizona Pastel Artistsí Association was founded by Ruth Palmisano; was Historian, Show Chairman  and Past President of Phoenix Artists Guild; and is a juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance,  and Scottsdale Artists League.







 Jaxine's fine art  pieces have been purchased  worldwide, and is also on display and for sale-

 originals and prints - on  Fine Art America


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      Jaxine  African  Decorative Art  Asian Art  Tropicals About Jaxine   Awards